The sun only shines


You threw a ball
against my soul
and it was a strike
I lost my fight


looking into your eyes
my heart cries
and I say no no
please don’t go
where I can't see
just stop and look at me


I'll tell you what you'll see
a boy who fell in love with a girl
the most beautiful of the world
I look at you walking across the street
oh darling you're so sweet


that's true
it's you


when you're not there
I search for you everywhere
you're so beautiful
you make me fool
your smell is close
to the smell of a rose


the day you'll be gone
there will be no more sun
the moon will cry
and the stars fall down of the sky


the sun shines only because of you

To Manuela with love

-Cédric Cobain-

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