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How can I use iWeb with Keynote or Pages? What can I do using them together?

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What is iWork? iWork is the Apple version of MS Office. Basically it is MS Office, just better and easier to use. If you don’t have iWork you can download a free 30 days trial here.

Using iWeb with Pages and Keynote is very easy and allows you to do a lot of stuff... Here I will present you a few things... If you have more please add a comment to the page and tell me...

Chapter 1: Keynote

1.1 Slideshows and presentations

1.2 Alpha-Effect

1.3 Tables

Chapter 2: Pages

2.1 Templates

Chapter 1: Keynote

1.1 Slideshows and presentations

If you have a Keynote presentation and you want to make it available on your website you can Export it to iWeb (File=>Send to=>iWeb...) as a pdf file, Keynote document or a Video podcast. Did you make a photo-slideshow or an intro presentation for your website in Keynote and want to put it on your website?

Here’s how:

First you could export it as a QuickTime video (File=>Export=>QuickTime video) and once you exported it drag&drop it into iWeb. Choose Autostart from the Inspector, loop and disable controllers.

Another way is to export it as a Flash document (File=>Export=>Flash). Maybe not all your vistors have QuickTime installed. I think most people have Flash.

You will have to put the result of the publishing on your server as of Chapter 3 of the Movies FAQ

After you uploaded the files you use the HTML Snippet (or Alternative HTML editing) inserting the following code:

<iframe src=


style="width:370px; height:280px;




scrolling="auto" >


Substituting the red URL with the one you found as a result of publishing the files to your server (Chapter 3 or 4 of the previously mentioned Movies FAQ)

If you use it in a intro page remember to put a link to actually access the rest of the site.

Note: Before publishing/exporting the presentation you need to set the timing of the slides

Inspector=>Second from left=>Sart transition=>Automatically and set the time to 2 seconds or whatever you want.

This has to be done for each slide separately.

In the first part of the Inspector select “Loop Slideshow” if you want it to repeat itself.

1.2 Alpha-Effect

What’s the Alpha effect?

Say you have a photo and you want to make parts of it transparent.

Open Keynote, take a photo and put it into Keynote. Make sure that the photo is selected, go to Format and choose Instant Alpha. Click and hold and move the pointer on the photo where you want it to be transparent.

Copy (Command(Apple)+c) it and paste (Command(Apple)+v) it into the page you want to in iWeb.

Say you have these windows and want to take off the view to apply it somewhere on your page


Now the windows are transparent


1.3 Tables

Open Keynote and make a table. Once you’re done select it. Copy (Command(Apple)+c) it and paste (Command(Apple)+v) it into the page you want to in iWeb.

Chapter 2: Pages

2.1 Templates

If you like a Pages template and would like to use it for an iWeb page all you need to do is go to Pages and do a select all and copy (Command(Apple)+C). Now go to iWeb, add a new white or black Blank page and paste (Command(Apple)+V). You can also just copy some images of Pages if you want.

Note that if a page has a lot of graphics (images, ...) it will be slow to load.

This FAQ is also discussed in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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