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How can I make text wrapping around an object?

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1. Add the object you want to have the text wrapping around to your page (whether it is a TextBox, a Shape or an Image)

2. Select the object and copy it.

3. Delete the object and place the pointer inside the main TextBox or where you want the object to be placed as for writing text in it and paste the object into the TextBox

4. Once you pasted the object into the TextBox select the object and open the Inspector, Text, Wrap. Check the "Object causes wrap" box and define whether you want it to be placed on the right or on the left side and the extra space which is sued to define the border around the object.

5. If you're not happy with its position you can select the object and move it around until you're happy with it.

6. That's it. To undo text wrapping, select the object and uncheck “Object causes wrap” in the Inspector.

Note that this procedure only works for some objects. As an example it doesn't work for HTML Snippets. However there's a work around for that which is described in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book  (sample). Also described in the E-Book is how to have text wrapping in HTML.

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