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I have two sites showing up at the same time in iWeb and would like to have them showing up only one at a time. How can I achieve that? I have two sites in separate Domain files. Can I merge them into one?

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Two out of one (Split Domain files)

Close iWeb. Find the Domain file where iWeb stores its files on your computer. It's best to use a freeware application called Find File since Spotlight doesn't search everywhere. Once you downloaded and installed the application type ".sites" (without quotes) into the search field of Find File and it will list all the Domain files of all iWeb versions on your computer.

Once you found it make a backup of it and duplicate it (select it and press Command(Apple)+d). You will now end up having two Domain files. They are now completely independent from each other. So when you make a change to one site it will be saved only to that Domain file and not to the other.

Open one of the two Domain files by dropping it into iWebDrop and delete one of the two sites. Close iWeb and drop the other Domain file into iWebDrop deleting the other site.

You now have two Domain files with one site each. To edit a website just drop the appropriate Domain file into iWebDrop. You may rename the Domain to whatever you want for you to know which site is in which Domain file.

NOTE 1: Note that if you want to transfer one of the Domains to another computer or to another user account you have to change permissions of the Domain file to be able to edit, save changes and publish a website from another user account and from another computer as well.

Select Domain file press Command(Apple)+i under Ownership & Permissions go to =>Details =>Everyone (or Others) and select Read & Write

You have to do that in the original user account and computer in which the Domain file was created.

If you don’t change permissions you will find an error while publishing and saving.

Remember to
always have a Backup of both Domain files. It's REALLY important.

One out of two (Merge Domain files)

What you can do is have two iWeb open at the same time with one website each for you to copy&paste the content of a page on one website to a page on the other website.

This means that if you have a site A and a site B and you want to transfer some content from site B to A you first have to add a page to A then copy the content from B into that page. No way to drag&drop the page. Select all, copy, paste.

Have a look at the Two iWebs FAQ to know how to achieve having two site from two Domains open at the same time.

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