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I want to track my site visitors on all pages, and I'd like to use a service that tells me which pages visitors are looking at and what links they click etc. Is this possible with iWeb and how?

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I'm using Statcounter. It's very easy to use and it just works great...

Chapter 1: What does Statcounter provide?

Chapter 2: How can I add Statcounter to my website?


2.1 HTML Snippets (not recommended)

2.2 Having the code added automatically using MassReplaceIt (Freeware)

Chapter 1: What does Statcounter provide?

Statcounter can be visible or invisible, you can make sure it doesn’t count you in when you visit your own pages, and it also provides fantastic information like:

-which page did your visitors come from

-what they searched on Google

-which are the most visited pages of your site

-where they live

-how long they spent on each page

-how they navigated in your site

-which browser they used

-which system they are working on

-you get a graph showing your page loads over a week, month, year,

-and a lot more

I think one of the most useful things is that your can create a blocking cookie so it will not log your visits

Statcounter is a must have and it's FREE

Chapter 2: How can I add Statcounter to my website?


Go to Statcounter.com they will give you a code which you will have to add to your pages in one of the ways provided here.

2.1 HTML Snippets (not recommended)

A better and easier way to add the code if you have iLife '08: Just put it in an Html Snippet.

There are just three inconveniences:

- First: when you click on your page in iWeb when editing it it will count it as a visit. Create a blocking cookie and tell Statcounter to block your IP address, then it shouldn't count it anymore.

- Second: HTML Snippets create a new page to which the code you enter to the Snippet gets added and that new page is embedded into the page you added the Snippet to using an iFrame. Nevertheless, even if the code is added to another page Statcounter will work. It’s just that that doubles the amount of pages your website has (however that doesn’t affect loading speeds).

- Third: Because of the inconvenience mentioned in Second the way Statcounter will display your Stats differently


instead of:


thus //iWebFAQmenu_files/widget0_markup.html is added to the page url. In case you don’t care about that that’s not an issue.

2.2 Having the code added automatically using MassReplaceIt (Freeware)

Yet the best way is having the code added automatically to every single page of your website so that you can follow a visitor browsing through your whole website (if you want) and you don’t have to add the code manually.

1. On the pages you want to add the Statcounter to add a textcode like StatcounterGoesHere

2. Publish your website to a folder

3. Download MassReplaceIt and open the application

4. In the Search field type StatcounterGoesHere

5. In the Replace field paste your Statcounter code

6. In Files add your website, choose the folder you publish to from iWeb

(first be sure that in the Preferences=>General=>When adding a folder to a search list”=>”Add the folder” is selected)

7. Hit Replace all and MassReplaceIt will search for files it has to make changes to

8. Again hit Replace All

9. Save the query for the next time you publish so you will only have to hit the Replace button

10. Upload the site to your server

Note: You have to repeat the procedure from step 8 to 10 every time you re-publish.

If MassReplaceIt didn’t work. If MassReplaceIt didn’t find any of the TextBoxes to replace with HTML codes. Read this MassReplaceIt & HTML troubleshoot page.

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