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I’ve used punctuation in the titles of some of my blog entries (such as Bob’s Birthday) or special characters like è ä ü and so on. When I upload them to the web I get an error and links aren’t working anymore... Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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Many people publishing to folder report that they are having problems uploading their files because of special characters in the names of the files they are uploading.

And there are three possible solutions...

1. A lot of the problems got solved when they started using Cyberduck (FTP application) set to UTF-8 instead of the application they were using until then. Thus most of the time the problems seems to lay in the FTP application and not in the server they’re uploading to.

Get Cyberduck here and try it to see if it solves your problems.

2. If Cyberduck didn’t help have a look at this thread here.

3. It might also be that some servers (really few nowadays) aren’t set to UTF-8 and therefore don’t accept files with special characters including names to be uploaded. If that’s your case contact your service provider (hosting company) and ask them to change it. As I said that’s only a small part of the servers and hostings.

However it’s generally recommended to avoid using special characters for file and page names on the web.

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