iWeb FAQ - Five Star rating system (Bonus Chapter)



How can I have a rating system with five stars in iWeb for people to rate different pages or products on my website?

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You will find an example of this at the bottom of each page of my website and here...


The tutorial is written for HostExcellence since this is the hosting I use and the hosting I know. Every hosting handles some things slightly differently but your hosting may work in a very similar way. Since every hosting works a bit differently I can only provide limited support if you should run into any problem setting this up.

The tutorial involves adding a MySQL Database and a user for it as well as adding a table to the database. If the instructions I wrote about the creation of a MySQL Database and generating a table don't help because your hosting works totally different from mine please consult the support documentation of your hosting or contact your hosting's support for help.

On photos pages there's only one rating for all photos not for each photo singularly. Unless you have people refreshing the page by clicking on a link first. Note that it causes users to be redirected to the main Photos page after submitting their rate (since the hash, anchor, part doesn't get sent to the server).

How this is done is described in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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