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How to use iWeb to create your own RSS Feeds Reader

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RSS Feeds allow people to see whether a certain website has seen any updates in a fast and smooth way. All the entries come up in chronological order for you to see what you've already read and what's new.

With OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 Apple stopped supporting RSS Feeds.


and still don't see why they've done it. There really is no good reason as far as I know. Anyway I heavily relied on RSS Feeds to get know when someone posted something on one of my Forums. When someone posted a message on my Forum a (1) appeared in Safari's Bookmarks Bar telling me about the new entry. I really loved that.

Since Mountain Lion if you want to subscribe to a RSS Feed you have to use an application like Cappuccino or NetNewsWire (both available for free on the App Store). However these applications didn't seem to go well with my Forum-Feeds. When someone posted a message on one of them neither NetNewsWire nor Cappuccino told me about it.

I decided to use iWeb to read my Feeds.

1) Add a page to your website (Blank white will do)

2) Under Inspector, Page, uncheck Include page in navigation menu

2) Under Inspector, Page, Layout increase the width of the page

3) Add an RSS Feed widget for each of the Feeds you'd like to follow

4) Publish the page and that's it.

Whenever you want to see if there's a new entry just visit the page's URL in Safari and that's it. There they are all in one place. Works on any computer or mobile device. I check mine about twice a day. That's enough.

You don't get those fancy Notifications everywhere which people seem to be mad about nowadays but frankly I'm not really a friend of them anyway. They are like "Read me NOW!", "Answer NOW!", ... I personally like to read and answer when I feel like doing so. I love notifications for e-mails or messages from friends but not for "News" or whatever.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

http://iwebfaq.org/site/RSS.html (opens in a new window)

This FAQ is also discussed in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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