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I’m in a work-team and we are about ten people. It would be nice to have a platform/website that we all can update to share stuff and communicate with each other. Can I do this with iWeb?

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The problem is that the only way to update an iWeb website is to have the so often mentioned Domain file and an Apple computer with iWeb installed. Of course there’s always the “I can edit the HTML code after publishing” of course but I guess that 80% of my visitors (and I’m part of those 80%) don’t want to do that. Also other people in the team may not like it.

So what would I suggest you to do?

I would suggest you to use iWeb to build the main structure of the website. And with main structure I mean the menu and the pages without content (remember that some people report problems visualizing the javascript menu from Windows machines so you may think of adding a textbox with text links as described in the Navigation menu FAQ).

You then have to decide what would fit your case best:

  1. -Blog

  2. -Forum

  3. -Google Docs

  4. -MediaWiki

  5. -Instant messaging applications

of course you can decide to have more than one of these options. Each of them have their particular functionality.

A Blog (not iWeb’s Blog) may be good to know where you currently are in your work. To keep track of your work.

Today I did:

Next steps are:

A Forum is a Discussion board and is good to actually discuss different topics.

I would like to... What do you think?

How should we go about...?

Google Docs is useful if you have to work on the same Word document or Excel document. Excel documents could be used as a Database to put Statistical data in or whatever. And the good thing is changes can be made online.

MediaWiki is a free “software” to be installed on servers with PHP support. It’s the same as used by Wikipedia so it’s good to build encyclopedias and similar stuff. MediaWiki is more complicated than the previous mentioned possibilities.

Instant messaging (IM) applications such as Skype, iChat, MSN Messenger and so on allow you to communicate by writing and in some cases calling in real time and make conferences.

All these possibilities allow people to easily edit the pages online. No matter what computer they are on no matter where they currently are on planet earth. Also works from outside planet earth as long as there are the necessary requirements. All you need is:

  1. -A computer (no matter what computer, maybe also the iPhone would work)

  2. -An internet browser

  3. -Internet access

and that’s it.

These services can easily be integrated in the main website structure you would make in iWeb by using iFrames to integrate the service into the structure.

Now some notes maybe about security. Can anyone alter those stuff? No, only people you allow to. Can anyone see it? This is a bit more complicated but the answer is yes unless you protect those pages with a password (something I can’t help you on as it depends on the services you choose, your hosting and lot more).

Examples: My example-blog, the iWebFAQ.org Forum, my music website: musicwiki.info

Note that these are only ideas that can be developed further by yourself. Each project you work on needs to be analyzed and need choices that fits them. Of course I can’t entirely answer questions you have about specific things, provide support or explain everything in detail here simply because it’s such a big/immense topic.

This FAQ is also discussed in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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