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I have created and published a website for myself with iWeb. I was so enthusiastic that I've now promised a friend that I will create one for her. I thought I could create this for her on my Mac save it to CD/DVD and give it to her to load onto her Mac so that she could finish it off and publish it from her Mac (while I reload and continue servicing my website in iWeb on my Mac). How could I achieve this?

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First of all: your friend needs to have iWeb to be able to edit the website. If she doesn't, there's no way. Please also note that you and your friend have to run the same iWeb version. If she has version 2.0 and you 1.0 then she will be able to open iWeb 1.0 created Domain. But you will not be able to open her file modified in iWeb '08 with iWeb '06.

Second: you have to transfer the website from one computer to another (or one user account to the other) and to do that you have to transfer the Domain.sites2 file where iWeb stores its files. To find that file go to

Macintosh HD/Users/Your username/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites2

If you can’t find it here search for it with spotlight. Note that the extension .sites (iWeb 1.0) or .sites2 (iWeb 2.0) may be hidden, also search for Domain only. To see if a Domain file is iWeb ’06 or iWeb ’08 select the file press Command(Apple)+i under "Name & Extension" you will find that it is .sites or .sites2.

To transfer your domain.sites2 file from one mac to the other (or from one user to the other) you can put it on a USB-Stick, on a CD/DVD, an external harddrive or if you can do that by establishing a network and have the two computers communicating with each other.

Doing so the Domain file is on both computers (or user accounts). Therefore doing thi is like you duplicate it (like doing a select it and press Command(Apple)+d). They are now completely independent from each other. So when you make a change to one site it will be saved only to that Domain file and not to the other.

Third: To get the site showing up in iWeb just open the Domain.sites file by double clicking on it and your sites and pages will show up on the left side in the iWeb page browser. Note that the location, where you put the file, doesn’t matter.


- having the sites completely separated, I recommend this

As you already created your and your friend’s website they are both in both the Domain files. The best thing to do is having the sites being completely separated. Now what you have to do, once you have it on both computers (or user accounts), is to delete your website in your friend’s account and your friend’s site in your account. The rest will be preserved. And the sites are now completely separate just as they were built separately.

- keeping them in the same Domain file

Instead if you want to have the sites in the same domain file containing both websites (yours and your friend’s website) perhaps because they are not completely independent from each other and go to the same hosting account or whatever  and your friend is editing the page on her computer you can't work on your website at the same time because you can't merge the two files so one of the two changes will be lost.

NOTE 1: Note that you have to change permissions of the Domain file to be able to edit, save changes and publish a website from another user account and from another computer as well.

Select Domain file press Command(Apple)+i under Ownership & Permissions go to =>Details =>Everyone (or Others) and select Read & Write

You have to do that in the original user account and computer in which the Domain file was created.

If you don’t change permissions you will find an error while publishing and saving.

NOTE 2: If want to publish both to the same hosting and have same named files they will overwrite each other. However that's not a problem, there are workarounds, as an example: you could publish one of the sites to a folder and put it in a subfolder that makes the URL a bit longer.

NOTE 3: If you, after your friend edited the website, get it back on your computer and user account you don't necessarily have to move around files to the original location of the domain file. Just put one Domain file in one location, the other in the other and then double-click on the one you want to edit and it will save changes to that file in the location you placed it. Moving around could cause accidentally replacing. And that wouldn't be good.

Remember to
always have a Backup of both Domain files. It's REALLY important.

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