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What is iWeb?

iWeb first appeared in iLife ’06 with version 1, v.2 came with iLife ’08, iWeb 3 with iLife ’09 (and iLife ’11). It is an application made by Apple for Mac OS which allows you to easily create simple websites.

Here you find a few Getting started video-tutorials made by Apple.

Here is the link to the iWeb Discussion Forum (iWeb Support Forum)

Here is the link if you want to give Apple Feedback of iWeb to tell them to include a new feature or something not working properly and so on... (Note: Apple will NOT answer you)

About the iwebfaq.org website

I started to build this website at the end of 2006 while answering questions on the Apple Discussion Forums and seeing that questions I answered to were always the same. Since then the number of discussed topics on the website and the number of visitors keep increasing.

On November 13th 2009 I published the iWebFAQ.org E-Book (.pdf) which has seen a lot of updates since then.

In addition to the content of the iWebFAQ.org website the iWebFAQ.org E-Book also includes instructions about: Auto-Fading photos slideshow, Random text or images (or random anything else), Floating menu (or float anything else), Sliding image menu, Accordion menu, Anchors (links to specific spot on a page), Background slideshow, Five Star rating system (Bonus Chapter) and much more… which are not discussed on the website.

You can buy my iWebFAQ.org E-Book here or download a free sample here.

Have a nice day,

- Cédric -

iWeb FAQ: Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Most of the content on this website was written for iWeb 2.0 (’08) and iWeb 3.0 (’09/'11) but they will work for iWeb 1.0 (‘06) as well. If you use iWeb 1.0 have a look at the Alternative HTML FAQ to add HTML code to your pages.

Recent history had me writing the About MobileMe, iCloud, Mountain Lion and iWeb FAQ discussing what is happening to MobileMe and iWeb. I would really recommend you to read that FAQ.

The list of the FAQs on this website is divided into categories. However some of the items on the list can be used for different purposes so you may also have a look at the items in other categories.

  1. Introductory and popular

General Tips - Read them especially if you’re new to building websites

Basic web knowledge base - Here you will find all the basic informations you MUST (!) know if you want to start building a website or are already building one...

Basic HTML Codes knowledge base - Here you will find some very useful HTML Codes knowledge...

Introduction to iWeb (Basics) - Here you will find a brief introduction to iWeb...

Known issues and general troubleshoot - Find a solution for almost any problem you may have with iWeb

Useful Applications - I think you should have a look at it

Backup and retrieve a website

How can I make a backup of my iWeb website? How can I retrieve my website?

Transfer website

How can I transfer my website from one computer to another? Or from an older version of iWeb to a newer version?

Two computers

How can I edit one website from two computers? What about using Dropbox for that?

Two iWebs

Can I have two iWeb? Can I have two sites in two different Domain files open at the same time? If so, can I copy & paste stuff from one to the other?


How can I get my iWeb created (and not iWeb created) website to show up on google? And what about Meta-Tags?

Tracking visitors activity

I want to track my site visitors on all pages, and I'd like to use a service that tells me which pages visitors are looking at and what links they click etc. Is this possible with iWeb and how?(Statcounter)

Click counter

How can I see how many times a certain link is clicked or how many times a certain file was downloaded?

E-Commerce and business solutions

Selling stuff using iWeb. Is that possible? Any suggestions on how to do that? What about a booking system? How do I get my real-life business to show up on Google Maps and what is it good for?

Browser compatibility issues

In some browsers my iWeb website looks awful and some things are not displayed properly or they’re not displayed at all. Why?

Optimizing for a faster loading website

My website is really slow. Why? What can I do to have it loading faster? Why should I optimize my website and what changes will I notice if I do so?

HTML Snippets and Widgets

What’s an HTML Snippet? How does it work? What’s a Widget? How do they work? Where do I find Widgets?

Alternative HTML

HTML Snippets are great but they don’t add the code where it’s supposed to be. Is there any alternative to add HTML code without having to do it manually? (Also works to add HTML to iWeb ’06)

MassReplaceIt & HTML troubleshoot page

  1. Publishing and hosting

Publishing and Hosting

HHow can I publish my site to a server? How do I publish to a folder? What is an FTP client? Why do I need it? And how does it work? Which hosting is the best?

Using HostGator

Using HostExcellence

Personal domains

How do personal domains work? How do I register them? Do I get personal e-mails too?

Multiple websites

How can I have multiple websites? And how can I publish just one of them instead of all of them or none of them?

Multilingual sites

I would like to have a website in multiple languages. How can I do that? And how can I have the buttons displaying in the right language?

Two out of one & One out of two

I have two sites showing up at the same time in iWeb and would like to have them showing up only one at a time. How can I achieve that? I have two sites in separate Domain files. Can I merge them into one?

Content for a friend

I’d like to make a website for a friend then and have her finishing the website and publishing it on her own computer or get it back on mine and then publish it. How can I do that?

Website for a group

I’m in a work-team and we are about ten people. It would be nice to have a platform/website that we all can update to share stuff and communicate with each other. Can I do this with iWeb?

  1. Appearance

Themes and Templates

How can I create my own templates or themes? Where can I find more templates for iWeb? Every time I want to add an entry to my blog I have to edit “Evan’s blog” to the name of my blog, change the images and so on. How can I change this?


Where can I change the background? How can I set an image as the background? How can I have the background-image adapting to the screen-size and make it static or fixed?

Background slideshow

How can I have a slideshow as the background of my iWeb website or page?


When I try to put something in the footer by dragging, it only makes the page longer. Where do I go wrong? How can I put stuff into the footer?


How can I have columns in iWeb?


How can I add Tables to my iWeb created website? How can I add sortable tables in iWeb?

  1. Navigation

Navigation menu FAQ

Everything about the navigation menu: How to organize the navigation of your website, duplicate the menu bar, create your own menu, drop down / tear down menus, how to have pages that do not display in the navigation, pages without navigation menu and so on

Drop down menus

How can I add a drop down menu (sometimes also referred to as pull down or slide down menu) in iWeb?

Tear down menus

How can I add a tear down menu in iWeb?

Sliding image menu

How can I add an imageMenu to my website?

Accordion menu

How can I add an Accordion menu in iWeb?

Color fading menu

How can I add a menu with a fading effect to my website?

Image map

How can I add an imagemap to iWeb? Can I have small windows (tooltips) popping up when people point their mouse over part of the image (on mouseover)? Can I have different parts of an image linking to different pages?

Rollover buttons (or images)

How can I add a Rollover images or Rollover buttons to my iWeb created site?

Floating menu (or float anything else)

How can I add a floating menu in iWeb? What is that good for? How can I have some text floating? Links? An image?


How can I redirect people from one of my pages to another page maybe even to a page of an external website? How can I make a redirect in iWeb?


What is an Anchor? How can I add Anchors to iWeb?

  1. Text and other content

Custom fonts on the web

How can I use custom fonts hence not web safe fonts on the web and keep them readable for search engines?

Wrap text around an object

How can I make text wrapping around an object?

iFrames, TextBoxes with scrollbars

(iFrames) How can I add a scroll bar in a textbox? Or how  can I embed a page in another page, thus how do iFrames work? How can I embed a particular part of a page in an iFrame? (Frames) Can we have one iFrame on a page but a different page loads in depending on the link that was clicked by the visitor. What I am trying to do is have a list of newspapers and upon clicking on a name that paper's page would load in the frame then another and so on.

Auto-Scrolling text and images

How can I have text or images which scroll automatically in iWeb?

Auto-Fading text

How can I have text changing automatically with fade-in and out effect?

Featured content slider

How can I add a featured content slider to my website to display what's new or what I think is particularly great?

Different tabs with slide effect

How can I have different tabs on a page with a slide effect when changing from one slide to another?

Mixed contents slideshow

How can I have a slideshow with photos, text, a mix between photos and text all in one?

Toggle, Hide and display

How can I add some content to my page which is hidden when the page loads and displays when people click on a link?

Pop-up windows

How can I create and add Popup windows in iWeb?


I’m creating a website in iWeb and I need to add a calendar to it. How can I do that?

Google Maps

How do I add a Google Map to my website? How can I add a map with a mark/pin, descriptions, lines and more on it?


How can I add a Database to my iWeb created website? (n.a. yet)

  1. Photos and images

Photos FAQ

Here you can find almost all you would ever like to know about iWeb and photos. Especially how to protect your photos

Highslide JS FAQ

How to use Highslide JS with iWeb. Highslide JS is a better LightBox. Which can be used for example to achieve the well known image-zoom effect and a lot of other things.


How can I add Shadowbox to my iWeb created website? What can I do with it?

SimpleViewer galleries

How can I add a SimpleViewer gallery to my website?

Auto fading photos slideshow

How can I have a slideshow with photos changing automatically with a fade-in and out effect? How can I have people changing the photos manually?


What is the best way to add panoramic or high resolution photos in iWeb? How can I add Zoomify to my website?

Simple scroll image gallery

Just one more way to present your photos...

Mouseover photo album

How can I have some thumbnails displaying at the top and the bottom of a bigger image and when people point their mouse over the thumbnails the image displays in the area of the bigger image? Or just another way to display photos on your website...

Cover flow

How can I add the cover flow effect to my website?

Adobe Lightroom and SlideShowPro

How can I embed a Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or SlideshowPro created Slideshow into an iWeb created page?

Random text or images (or random anything else)

How can I have a photo, some text, links or anything else changing on pageload so every time the page is reloaded the image or text changes randomly?

  1. Music and audio

Music and audio

How can I embed music to my iWeb created site? How can I have people listening to it not only on one page but have the music to continue no matter which page they are looking at? What about popup windows?

The best Flash players

Sound on mouseover or on click

How can I have a sound playing when people point their mouse over an image or some text? How can I have a sound playing on click?


What is a Podcast? How can I make one? How does it work with iWeb?

  1. Video

Movies and flash content

How can I embed any video content into my iWeb website? How can I embed my videos using HTML5?

YouTube videos

How can I add a YouTube video?


How did you make the animation on your first page? How can I publish a Keynote presentation to my website?

  1. Files

Files and Downloads

I would like to add a .pdf (or any other file or folder) for visitors to download if they would like. How can I do this?

Google Docs

I would like to embed something like an excel document to my website which I could edit when I get new data. And be able do share a Word document with a friend of mine to be able to edit it both.

  1. Social networks and interactivity

Tell a friend widget and StumbleUpon

How can I add a Tell a friend widget to my iWeb created site so that people can easily send the link to one of my pages to their friends and bookmark it? How can I add a StumbleUpon button to my website?

Facebook and Twitter

I’m a Facebook user. How can I get my visitors to add me as a friend? How can I create a fan page for my website to start a community? How can I have people sharing the URL of my website with their friends on FB? And much more...


How can I have users leaving me comments on my website?


How can I provide a form in iWeb that visitors can complete and return via e-mail?


How can I add a poll to my website? I would like to ask questions to my visitors and have their answers in a simple and easy way.


How can I add a Guestbook to my iWeb created site?


How can I add a Forum, Discussion board, Messageboard to my site I created with iWeb? Something like vBulletin...


Does anyone know of an easy way to integrate an e-mail newsletter manager into iWeb? I’d like one that is free, if possible.

Password protect and login form

How can I add a password to part of my website for it to not be visible for the public but only for people I allow? How can I add a login to my website and redirect people to a specific page or site? Can I do this in iWeb?

Google Search Box

Can I add a Google Search Box to my website? Can I have it searching within my own website?

Five Star rating system (Bonus Chapter)

How can I have a rating system with five stars in iWeb for people to rate different pages or products on my website?

Date and time

How can I have the current date and time displaying on my website? What about countdown or count-up timers?

  1. More

Blogging and WordPress

What about blogging on the road? I really like iWeb blogs but the problem is that I’m planning to go on a trip through Europe and want to keep my friends and my family updated. I don’t want to take my computer with me. Can I update a blog from an internet café? Form the office?


How do I change iWeb tooltips? (the text appearing when pointing the mouse over a link on iWeb websites)


Favicons: Many websites have little icons before the http, like apple has the apple logo. How do you put one of these icons into your own website so you don't only have to blue dot?

Add snow to your website

How can I add falling snow to my website? What is a Snow Leopard without snow?

Disable right-click

How can I disable the right-click on my website? I want to avoid people getting text or photos out of my website.

About iWeb and mobile devices

Can I update my website from a mobile device? Do I have to offer a mobile version of my website? How?

Visually impaired friendly sites

I am making a website in iweb and I want it to be friendly to the sight impaired. What I am wondering is, if I hide text underneath images, will a computer that is reading aloud see the text and read it? For instance, if I use images for menu buttons, a blind person would not be able to see the options. But if I could put text underneath the image... do you know if this would work?

Special characters

I’ve used punctuation in the titles of some of my blog entries (such as Bob’s Birthday) or special characters like è ä ü and so on. When I upload them to the web I get an error and links aren’t working anymore... Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

iWeb and iWork

How can I use iWeb with Keynote or Pages? What can I do using them together?

iWeb and alternatives

About iWeb and similar applications (iWeb compared to RapidWeaver and WordPress)

About MobileMe, iCloud, Mountain Lion and iWeb

What happened to MobileMe? What is iCloud? Where should I host my website after MobileMe? What happens to iWeb? Will iWeb be discontinued? Does iWeb work with Mountain Lion? What should I do?

Migrating from iWeb to RapidWeaver

I'm switching from iWeb to RapidWeaver. What's the best way to do that? Can I import my iWeb website into RapidWeaver?

RSS Feeds Reader

How to use iWeb to create your own RSS Feeds Reader

Also visit:

- W3schools.com (which is really great!)

- W3C WWW Consortium

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