iWeb FAQ - Background slideshow



Catching big air

New Years in Oregon

The Crew at the Cabin

My Photo Albums

On the Slopes


Looks amazing. I love it. Allows you to be much more creative.

Reduce your text-content to the essential. Let pictures speak at their best!

Easy to implement (uses Alternative HTML). You can really take advantage of the ease of use of iWeb in terms of the ability to add Shapes and drag&drop object placement. iWeb is just brilliant for this!

More ideas...

On your website you may have different sections with multiple pages each. As an example if you have a website about a city you may have Culture, Sports, Sightseeing, ... and multiple pages per section. It would be a good idea to have a different slideshow applied to each section and the same slideshow applied to all the pages of this section.


The original site of the slideshow is tympanus.net

Instructions on how to implement this into your iWeb created website are found in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

How can I have a slideshow as the background of my iWeb website or page?

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