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How did you make the animation on your first page? How can I publish a Keynote presentation to my website?

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The animation I’m talking about here is this one (may take a while to load) which used to be on my starting page when there was one.

How to build an animation using Keynote

If you don't have Keynote which is part of Apple's iWork application-bundle you can download a 30-Days Free Trial here (otherwise you could also use PowerPoint). 

The first thing to do is launch Keynote and choose a theme you'd like to use and click ok. Once you did that click on Inspector=>Document=>Slide Size and choose "Custom slide size" and type in the exact size you want it to be on the web or only slightly larger (for better quality).

That's because once you exported the file it's hard to reduce its size. If you reduce the size showing on the website it doesn't change the size of the file but only of its appearance. Obviously if you have a huge file it will take more time to load which isn't good. Hence it's better to keep it as small as possible from the start.

After that simply build the animation as it would be a Keynote presentation: slide after slide.

Now the important step is to set all transitions to "Automatically".

Inspector => Slide => Start Transition => Automatically and set the "Delay" (time before the next slide appears)

Under "Effect" you can select a transition-effect

 like dissolve, cube, ...

If you want to apply effects to text boxes or images go to Inspector=>Build

Build In, Build Out, Action

All these need to be set to "Automatically" as well and a duration needs to be entered. Also click on "More Options" to set a "Start Build" time and a duration.

Once you built the animation as a Keynote you need to Export it (File=>Export...) as a QuickTime movie.

I would recommend you to convert the QuickTime to Flash since almost all computers have Flash installed (which is used to build entire websites, on YouTube, ...) whereas not all computers (especially PCs) have QuickTime installed and couldn't see your animation.

To convert the movie of the animation/presentation from QuickTime to Flash I would recommend you to use an application called Prism. Click here to download a free trial version of it.

Here the basics of the application: Add File to select the file you want to convert, Output Format .flv and hit Convert.

If you know a good freeware application to convert .mov files to Flash please leave a comment in the Guestbook or post it into the appropriate section of my Forum.

Read the Movies and flash content FAQ on my website to know how to publish a Flash video to your website.

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