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Alternative HTML Troubleshooting: Everything went as planned until "Find and Replace" did not find any of the text in the text boxes. So I can't get it to work. I can't get MassReplaceIt to find the text placeholder. It comes up with zero items found in my html file.

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The good news... I use the method every single time I have to add code to my pages and I have a lot of it... I don’t like HTML Snippets hence I don't use them... So the good news is: it works....

The bad news is: if you're reading this page it doesn't work for you even if it should... So let's get rid of the bad news and try a few things...

1. Try going trough the Alternative HTML tutorial.

2. If you run MassReplaceIt and it said it worked but looking at the page on the web you still see the text-codes try emptying the cache of your browser (Sarai: Safari=>Empty cache) then reload the page.

3. Try using Times New Roman for the code MassReplaceIt has to find (which is the one I always use, friends of mine experienced problems using other fonts)

4. Make sure your TextBox (main TextBox and TextBox with the code in it) doesn't get converted into graphics by iWeb so don’t format the text to be found by MassReplace so avoid Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike, ...

If you use custom Fonts, thus not Internet Standard Fonts, those text fields will be converted in an image by iWeb to be sure that people see the texts as you chose.

To see which text fields are gonna be turned into images go to File=>Preferences and check the “Show text imaging indicator” box. iWeb is gonna display a yellow picture symbol on the text field. The symbol will not be published to the net.

If you see the yellow picture symbol then that's the cause of the problem and you will have to get rid of it by choosing another font, formatting or whatever

5. Make sure you typed exactly the same code in the Find of MassReplaceIt as you did in iWeb

It may be case sensitive so if you have capital letters they have to appear on both iWeb & MassReplace. ThisIsTheCode does not equal thisisthecode!

6. Make sure you selected the right folder in MassReplaceIt=>Files the one published by iWeb

This FAQ is also discussed in my iWebFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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